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Great Deals for 2016 Season

Life has odd timing - our final week of the season happened to coincide with our official ownership transfer of the property. Making it a weird time (as far as announcing a new business) - "We have started a business! Also, we are closed for the season!" But weird isn't bad! This gives us lots of time to fix, change and beauitfy things in the cabins and on the property before next season begins.

Being closed also gives us time to gain an online presence (which for those non-techies out there - is WAY more difficult to do than we had ever anticipated). Between choosing keywords, search engine optimizers, booking agencies, etc....whatever happened to just marketing an honest product? We hope that people will find our website, new name and branding quickly, but at least if they don't we have six months ahead of us to figure it out. Anyone out there know how to boost a website in seach engines? Anyone? :)

TripAdvisor, Google Hotels, and Facebook are three apps that are heavy hitters as far as web marketing. Which brings us to our first promotional deal for the 2016 season (April-October). If you have stayed with us in previous years please take a few minutes to write a review on TripAdvisor. If you write a review and email us:, you will recieve 20% off your next visit. Another way to recieve 20% off is by refering a new guest. Please have them mention your first and last name when they make a reservation. You can not recieve both discounts.

Have a happy fall!

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