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Holiday Cheer at the Cabins

I am a huge fan of the holidays. And when I write that, what I am really saying is that I am a crazy-obsessed-bringer of joy whether you want it or not- DJ of Christmas music 24/7- in your face decorator- huge fan of the holidays. But nothing prepared me for the new amount of joy that has come with living in our tiny wood cabin for our first holiday season. It is unbelievable! It's not even December yet, and we've been living in a beautiful winter wonderland for weeks. I'm talking- huge snowflakes, snow covered mountain peaks, and dazzling Spruce trees covered in white. Fire in the fireplace, snow outside and cookies in the oven -I've got myself a regular ol' Christmas card happening right now!

Currently The Swaying Spruce is only open to guests April-October, because we don't have the plumbing winterized for guest cabins. However, now that my family is in the midst of a magical winter paradise , it's kind of a shame keeping it to ourselves. Which has me thinking of the endless winter possibilities. Guests in the winter months? Yes, please! Any excuse to decorate 3 more cabins with holiday cheer and bake WAY more cookies. Hot chocolate would definitely be added to the tea and coffee selection. Me oh my, it makes me positively giddy just thinking about it! Burying the pulmbing makes me less giddy...

If you are thinking about traveling to Skagway during the off-season, NEXT YEAR, please check-in with us. We plan to be welcoming guests for the 2016 winter season, and we can't wait to build a snowman with you! But until then here are a few shots I've snapped from our cozy cabin in the past few weeks of all the snow, and of Hudson finger painting some holiday decorations by a fire.

Cabin - Hotel, painting by the fire

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