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The Skagway Experience

Chopped Fire Wood

When Jesse and I talk to people about The Swaying Spruce we always end up using the word "experience" a whole bunch when explaining the cabins. If you take any time at all to cruise around the website you'll notice the wonderful "e" word littered throughout the text. That's because we feel really strongly about creating a certain feel for visitors. People who venture to Skagway are a different sort of vacationer, and we really want to cater to that. Let me explain; I feel that there are two different types of people who like to travel- tourists and travelers. Most people who end up in Alaska, staying at The Swaying Spruce, are travelers. I define these travelers as people looking to connect with the local culture and activites, trying to delve a bit deeper into the place that they are exploring. They're searching for the raw, real deal experience -- look, I wound up using that beautiful "e" word again!

What's my point? I'm glad you asked.We want all travelers of Skagway to have the ultimate EXPERIENCE, and you can get that authentic does of Alaska staying at our cabins. You'll be hard-pressed to feel like a real Alaskan if you aren't in the wilderness, and that's the truth. It's those extra touches that really add to the overall feel of our cabins.We even go so far as to leave an ax out in case you feel like chopping your own fire wood. If you really get into it, you can always chop extra for our fireplace!

Sometimes people are afraid to stay at places other than hotels, because they are iffy about the concept of a host, or are uncomfortable with the idea of vacationing somewhere too rustic or remote. But these concerns are unwarrented.To address the fear of staying with a host: we live in a cabin on-site, and love to have guests over for a drink on the porch or just to chat with you about our tales of living in Alaska, we love to give suggestions on things you should do, things you shouldn't do, local legends...I could go on and on (Jesse and I both like to talk!). BUT, each cabin has a private parking spot and private boardwalk and enterance to your cabin, so if you don't want to do those things that is totally fine too!! It is completely up to you whether or not you engage the hosts' (aka me and Jesse) in conversation, except obviously to check-in :) As for the cabins being too rustic or remote: The Swaying Spruce is the best of both worlds - sooo very close to town (2 miles), but also off the beaten path and tucked away in the woods. The cabins are comfortable and modern and yet cozy and rustic- it's a blend of perfection, in my humble, probably a bit bias opinion. If you don't step out of your comfort zone, and in this case, try out a different type of accommodation than you're accustomed to, you might miss out on some really neat opportunities. And dare I say it....experiences!

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